Club Holidays Algarve

2007 promises to be a busy year; the ‘decision -makers’ have just returned from the U.K. after a fact-finding tour of the South West, North West and South Yorkshire, looking for suitable premises for our proposed U.K. offices. There are two possibilities and we’ll keep members informed, as and when.

The new club – CloseOut (Algarve), due to be launched at the back-end of 2007, just might be delayed until the first quarter of 2008 because of the proposed office premises in the U.K.

CHA members are invited to assist with the new club, by requesting and completing our Survey Form, the information gathered will determine the ‘finer’ points of the terms and conditions for this innovation; in fact any regular holiday-maker to the Algarve region is invited to contact us and take part in the survey:

Mouralar Holiday Club

Created and marketed by GJH in 1998, a convenient rental programme for off-season periods at the resorts: MOURABEL, PE do LAGO and OASIS VILLAGE in Vilamoura.

The Clubhouse would like to hear from Mouralar Holiday Club members with their experiences and suggestions, in particular we would like to know of their views on a couple of points: – in today’s market, does membership continue to save you money on holiday costs ? are the terms and conditions flexible enough for your requirements or preferences ?

In connection with the launch of a new holiday product, we’ll (GJH) be running a survey during 2007, if you would like to join in drop a line to

Owners Association – Portobelo

The information received from A.T.H.P. (Association of Title Holders Portobelo) is a bit more than bedtime reading. The AGM minutes are a good translation from the original Portuguese worded document however, you could easily make an incorrect ‘assumption’ in certain areas. The Owners Association Regulations, an integral part of the minutes, seem to be straightforward but, again, there are a few [translated] sections that could lead to misunderstandings. A membership form is included in the information package and this appears to be self explanatory.

One thing that may require further explanation is the enclosed ‘Proxy Notice’, for use by owners who may be unable to attend the next AGM (or continuation of the previous AGM meeting held in March 2006). Perhaps it should be emphasized just how important this document is; considering the content of the AGM minutes, it appears the current managagement situation is not satisfactory and a more favourable owner/management relationship should be developed.

Certainly, we (the few resident Clubhouse – members who also have a timeshare interest at the Portobelo) will be joining the Association and submitting a Proxy Notice (if we can’t get to the AGM or other formal meeting).

What do other Portobelo Owners think about this information ? are they going to act on it ?

Where have they all gone ?

Back in the mid – late ’80’s, we recall, there were many active timeshare resorts in the Vilamoura/Quarteria district of the Algarve. Lot’s of timeshare owners/members keeping the local bars and restaurants in business.

What happened ? Where have all the timeshare owners/members gone ? Come to think of it, what happened to the resorts ! ?

Oasis Village – Vilamoura

We (a few residents at the clubhouse) know this resort quite well; there doesn’t appear to be much ‘owner’ involvement at the resort. Apparently, the AGM is normally attended by a handful of [Portuguese] ‘owners’ and the ‘annual report’ seems to be a reprint of the previous year(s). It’s a pity, the management appear to have a higher regard for the ‘cheap deal’ rental clients they stuff into the resort week after week. Are there any ‘owners’ willing to ‘get involved’ ?